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【Highlight tips】

►Market opportunity: International Cooling Reduce & fans Exhibition (hereinafter referred to as: Thermal Management Exhibition) is a professional supplier exhibition and buyer negotiation and exchange meeting. With the integration of Chinese manufacturing and global manufacturing and the internationalization of consumption and trade, it has promoted the cooling and fan industry to usher in new development opportunities. This is the world-renowned cooling cooling and fan brand exhibition co-sponsored by Reed Exhibitions.
►Approximate situation: The exhibition area is expected to reach 30,000 square meters, exhibitors are expected to be 480+, professional visitors and buyers are expected to be more than 70,000 people from 100+ countries and 33 provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities in China.
►Propaganda advantage: introduce/report the exhibition through domestic and foreign network media, TV, newspapers, magazines and other network platforms and print media.
►Resource advantages: The organization unit invites them to visit and exchange through social platforms such as letters, visits, E-mail, MSN, WeChat, QQ, etc.
►Target audience: We mainly invite national, provincial, municipal, relevant scientific research units, industry organizations, universities and research institutes, 5G, electronic equipment, household and commercial electrical appliances, office equipment, military industry, aerospace industry, automotive industry, and unmanned Machines, all-in-one machines, ventilation systems, machinery and industrial equipment, computer peripherals, electronic appliances, consumer electronics, LEDs, communication equipment, network equipment, industrial production equipment, medical equipment, computers, projectors, inverters, welding machines, precision Instruments, power supplies, uninterruptible power systems, servers, on-board equipment, monitoring/security equipment, smart products, financial equipment, industrial control equipment, charging piles, instrumentation, audio/stage lighting, refrigeration equipment, laboratory equipment, control cabinets, smart products , Square cabins, radars, chassis/cabinets, game consoles, monitors, elevators, warehouses/storage centers, farms, refrigeration equipment, high-end equipment, sports and fitness venues, exhibition and conference centers, auditoriums and other corporate executives to visit and negotiate.

【Exhibition products】

1. DC fan, AC fan, DC fan, graphics card fan, axial fan, centrifugal fan, temperature-resistant fan, waterproof fan, micro fan, vortex fan, EC fan, cross flow fan, IP68 waterproof, inverter fan, forward and reverse fan , Temperature-controlled fans, protective nets and other fans;
2. AC fans, DC fans, cooling fans, centrifugal fans, blowers, axial fans, exhaust fans, air coolers, coolers, cross flow fans and other fans;
3. Large industrial ceiling fans, large industrial fans, industrial exhaust fans, industrial electric fans, ventilating fans, powerful fans, evaporative cooling fans, turbofans and other industrial fans;
4. Radiators, ceramic heat sinks, heat sinks, heat sinks, heat pipes, water cooling plates, heat sinks with fans, heat sinks, liquid cooling products, profiles, module heat sinks, liquid cooling heat sinks, finned tubes, heat conducting plates, Cooling modules, refrigeration components and other heat dissipation component products;
5. Environmentally friendly air conditioners, air conditioners, air conditioning units, exhaust fans, turbo fans, coil wind cabinets, fresh air units, centrifugal wind cabinets, exhaust cabinets, condensers, dehumidification and humidification, refrigeration units and other cooling equipment;
6. Key accessories such as motors, fan blades, control boxes, brackets, chassis, tails, connectors, fasteners, protective nets, injection molded parts, etc.;
7. Production process technical equipment such as tooling equipment, cutting, welding, CNC, stamping, equipment, testing and testing equipment;

【Booth charges】

Exhibition items

Specifications and requirements


Standard booth (one-sided opening)

3m x 3m


Corner stand (two-side opening)

3m x 3m


Indoor open space

Starting order from 36m²


Free configuration of standard booth: English and Chinese companies lintel board name, two fluorescent lamps, a clapboard and negotiation table, 2 chairs, a compatible 500W/220V outlet and 9 square meter carpet; The photosite shall be responsible for the required cost of the arrangement of the booth.

【Proceeding advertisements】

Proceeding advertisements can help you to find customers after the exhibition. In addition to being widely distributed during the exhibition, it is also sent through a variety of relevant channels to professionals from all over the world who are not able to visit the exhibition, they can quickly find your company's contact and service content through the journal.

front cover

Back cover

Color page




【Exhibition procedure】
Note: Booth application is based on the principle of "register first, pay first, arrange first".
Step 1: For "Booth Reservation", please contact: +86-021-5722 0028 to obtain the exhibition application form.
Step 2: The exhibitor fills in the "Exhibition Application Contract Form" in detail and affixes its seal to the organizing committee to determine the booth.
Step 3: Any unit that needs water, power, electricity, and compressed air for demonstration equipment must apply one month before the show.

【Please contact the organizer in time for up-to-date information on the exhibition】

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